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Artists Bio


A talented artist, mother and entrepreneur originally from Orlando, FL. She currently resides in Milledgeville, GA. While in college she stumbled upon an interest in tattoos. After 10+ years as a self-taught artist Antoinette gave up her corporate job to pursue her dreams. Since then, she's become the FIRST BLACK FEMALE to open a private tattoo studio in Milledgeville, GA.



A veteran tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience. A native of Green County and resides in the Middle Georgia Area. TreWorks is a well rounded artist, painter and illustrator. 

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Milledgeville, GA native. After two years of self teaching , she completed an apprenticeship with Black Barby Ink. Enjoys creating art pieces that represents true meaning.  IG: @SHAN.THE.ARTIST 



This self-taught tattoo artist brings his passion for creativity to life on the human canvas. Freeway perfected his craft through diligent practice and observation, mastering a versatile array of styles from fine line to bold colorful inspiring works of art. When he's not inking at Black Barby Ink, Freeway unwinds by expressing himself through dance and painting. Allow him to adorn your body with an original work of wearable art. 


Marybeth (MB)

Wilkerson CO native, MB has multiple years of experience within the piercing field.  She is highly regarding protocols, procedures and aftercare of all piercings that she conducts. Rest assure that you are in great hands! 

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